All natural, long-lasting premium grade flowers in season, each Susan Avery bouquet is unique, fresh and beautiful.

Send a flower bouquet to remind someone that you care, to say thank you, to congratulate, or just to send someone a bit of natural beauty in their day. As gifts and thoughtful reminders go, flower bouquets make a wonderful, personal gift from the heart.

Not your everyday floral bouquets

Often, we’ll add “unusual flowers” to our bouquets, which flower lovers and flower connoisseurs will appreciate. Every bouquet presents a variety of textures, colours and pleasant scents. It’s a veritable cornucopia of stimuli for the senses.

Brighten someone’s day with flowers

Send a Susan Avery bouquet to a client or a loved one today. It’s a beautiful reminder that you care, and it is sure to brighten someone’s day.

Susan Avery has changed the face of floristry in Australia

Vogue Australia

Susan Avery’s reputation is formidable and, with over 3,000 weddings to her credit, she is renowned for her amazing flowers. From elegant and simple weddings through to the truly extravagant, Susan’s work is second to none.

Sydney Wedding

Susan Avery has a reputation for classically beautiful arrangements with just a hint of the unusual.

Sydney Morning Herald

Avery diligently observed her vow of silence, despite a barrage of media inquiries

Who Weekly magazine

Susan Avery created a soaring wall of tulips, freesias, pear blossoms, jonquils and stocks…


Her skill as a floral artist has put Avery at the top of her tree, but she is also in demand for her discretion

Who Magazine

There is an ancient Chinese proverb which says ‘flowers leave their fragrance on the hands that bestow them’. Fragrant then must be the hands of Susan Avery, who created this magnificent array of richly coloured blooms.

Australian Cameo

I’m sure many will recognise the award as a mark of your excellence…

Good Living