Birthdays & Anniversaries

Many people only receive flowers once a year on their birthday. It stands to reason if you’re going to make the effort to send someone flowers on their birthday, that those flowers be spectacular, unique and artistically crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Unique birthday gifts

At Susan Avery, we see every birthday flower bouquet or floral arrangement as an opportunity to create something unique and personal for the recipient – a very special birthday present! We use fresh, seasonal flowers and our unique artistic flare to create wholly novel floral creations with each bouquet or flower arrangement.

Send someone “their birthday seasonal flowers”

Decorate someone’s birthday party with their very own seasonal flowers. Flowers make a great gift as they brighten up any room without taking up much room.

Make it an extra special birthday with a recurring flower order

Why not make it a recurring flower order – every month, quarterly or every six months?  What better way to say “happy birthday” with flowers more than once in a year!

Contact Susan Avery Flowers to design your very own unique bouquet.

Beautiful Arrangements Starting From $155


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