At Susan Avery we love our orchids, both as cut stems and living plants.

The easiest (and most common) orchid to grow indoors is the Phalaenopsis orchid. They are commonly known as moth orchids because the flowers look like moths in flight.

A variety of colours
Phalaenopsis orchids generally have the longest lasting blooms, are easy to maintain, and come in a wide range of colours. The most common colour is white but it’s not unusual to see yellow, variegated, pink or magenta colours.

A grouping of multiple phalaenopsis orchids in a pot makes an ideal thank you, a long lasting corporate reception display, or a well thought out gift for a loved one.

At Susan Avery we usually stock phalaenopsis orchids but often have (in season) cymbidium orchids, Singapore orchids, and Australian bush orchids.

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Phalaenopsis orchids from $110

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