More often than ever we live in smaller houses and apartments. What better way to bring nature inside than with house plants. Not only do house plants look nice, they also smell great, respond to care and attention, and help keep us focussed.

Why not try forgetting social media and technology for a while and spend some time with your plants instead.

Plants help us breathe
Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Along the way they absorb toxins, purify air, and contribute to our breathing. As our parents said, “What’s good for the body, is good for the brain.”

Don’t forget about scented plants such as gardenia, lavender, and jasmine. They are fabulous to have around the home.

Stress relief
Not enough can be said about the the health benefits of tending plants. A little time with your house plant usually relieves stress and generally has a calming effect. Remember, too, the many plants contain essential oils which help promote a good night’s sleep.

At Susan Avery we stock a large range of seasonal, flowering, and green plants. Call us to find out what’s in store.


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