Roses are one of the world’s most popular flowers and are ideal for any occasion. They are generally thought of the as a symbol of romance, love and friendship.

At Susan Avery we buy premium, handpicked roses in a variety of colours from whites through to pinks, reds, yellows and much more.

We stock stunning local roses in season (the warmer months) and Colombian and Kenyan roses all year long.

Roses are beautiful and make a great choice for bouquets and arrangements. 

At Susan Avery we use varieties which are suitable for cut flowers. These types will have beautiful blooms, long stems, and will survive a relatively long time in a vase. 

Long-stemmed red roses are a traditional florist rose. They are dramatic looking but, unfortunately, mostly have little or no scent.

We generally have mixed-color assortments of roses all year round and the most popular colours are pink, yellow, peach and cream. 

English rose grower David Austin pioneered the merchandising and marketing of “old-fashioned” English roses. DA roses, as they are known, have more petals than the long stemmed varieties and have a softer, more relaxed look. DA stems may be a little shorter, but most varieties have a yummy fragrance. 

Be aware though that, usually, the stronger the fragrance, the shorter the vase life.

Rose Care
Roses prefer a cool location away from direct sunlight.

Condition your roses by cutting the lower three centimetres off each stem. (Make you cut them at a sharp angle.) Once cut, place them in a clean container with fresh water. Also, try and change the water daily, giving the roses a fresh cut each time.

Roses are used a lot for weddings. At Susan Avery, we often use them in buttonholes, corsages, table decorations, and tall arrangements.

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