Gift Hamper — Supreme
Our hampers are a wonderful way to say thank you. They can be given for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, or “just because”. We have been creating beautiful gifts for nearly forty years.

Our Supreme Hampers feature exquisite Carrière Frères products and contain 1 x Chandon Brut Sparkling Rosé (PLEASE NOTE: Not the Freixenet pictured), 1 x 200ml Carrière Frères room spray (shown here besides its box),1x 185 gram Carrière Frères candles candles, and 2 x 55 gram Carrière Frères botanical pallets.

Carrière Frères candles are luxury-crafted in Normandy, France.
Carrière Frères products come in a range of singular scents inspired by exotic or indigenous oils that fascinated the botanists and explorers of the 18th century. Carrière Frères constantly innovates to source only the best ingredients. Carrière Frères composes its perfumes with the help of the Robertet Group, a world leader in the sourcing of raw materials: through them, a unique palette of natural elements is available to create original perfumes. Favoring only the utmost quality also means respecting a global CSR policy. Raw materials are either ethically bought from a cooperative, support sustainability programs or organic agricultural practices. For each botanical essence, the process is specific, responsible, sustainable and ethical. Opting for sustainable products and a creative approach, each element of the mix is chosen to minimize the environmental impact without compromising on the product’s aesthetics or sensory attributes.

Carrière Frères candle wax releases the poetic “language of flowers and nature” thanks to finest quality ingredients.